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Jamie and Allison invite you to their awkward dinner party, Rick Perry on violent photo-ops


Episode #1046: Welcome to Citizen Radio’s awkward dinner party! Also, Gov. Rick Perry stops by to defend violent photo-ops, the IDF fires on Al-Jazeera’s office, the Washington Post continues its #newsfail with crappy coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict, the working mom arrested by cops for letting her daughter play in the park gets fired by McDonald’s, and a couple of courts hand down conflicting verdicts on the Affordable Care Act.

Special guest: Gov. Rick Perry

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The return of Sad Bane, Creepy husband makes sex chart to shame wife, WSJ op-ed equates civilians to terrorists


Episode #1045: Allison and Jamie discuss the NYPD officer responsible for the death of Eric Garner having been sued multiple times for allegedly racially-motivated arrests, NYC approving class war entrances, the 15-day suspension of water shutoffs in Detroit (even as water gushes insidethousands of vacant homes), the Wall Street Journal publishing an op-ed equating civilians to terrorists, and the Israeli FM calling for the banning of Al-Jazeera. Also, Israel kills 35 members of two Gaza families within hours, June was the hottest month on record, and check out this creepy husband who made a sex chart in order to shame his wife.

Special guest: Sad Bane

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Citizen Radio
Man dies after NYPD cop puts him in chokehold, Israel kills 400+ Palestinians


Allison and Jamie discuss a rage-filled weekend (that led to them yelling at a street harasser) including a man dying after the NYPD put him in a chokehold, and the media’s response (including those on the so-called leftafter Israel killed over 400 Palestinians.

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Citizen Radio
More Israel-Palestine myths debunked, Judge rules California death penalty unconstitutional


Allison and Jamie debunk more myths of the Israel-Palestine conflict, and discuss the New York Times’ passive wording of headlines, plus the State Department’s reaction to the murder of Gaza children. Also, a federal judge rules California’s death penalty system is unconstitutional, an Arizona sheriff sics an angry mob on a bus-full of children on their way to the YMCA, and Todd Akin makes a bad situation worse.

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"In a lot of ways Piper was my Trojan Horse. You’re not going to go into a network and sell a show on really fascinating tales of black women, and Latina women, and old women and criminals. But if you take this white girl, this sort of fish out of water, and you follow her in, you can then expand your world and tell all of those other stories. But it’s a hard sell to just go in and try to sell those stories initially. The girl next door, the cool blonde, is a very easy access point, and it’s relatable for a lot of audiences and a lot of networks looking for a certain demographic. It’s useful."

Jenji Kohan, Orange is the New Black show creator

even the show writers know that piper isnt as interesting

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i used to be like “hate is such a strong word, i don’t hate anyone” and now i’m like “here is a list of people i hate”